Working together to provide food for Americans in need!

Hooch 2 Home is a strategic campaign driving impactful, multi-tiered COVID-19 economic relief through the mobilization of grassroots efforts and corporate goodwill 

Hooch 2 Home represents Confinus' dedication to American communities

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Project hooch 2 home objectives

Community Support

As we find ourselves in unprecedented times, we are also reminded of the importance of a strong community.

More than any other time in recent history, it is imperative that the private sector and the individuals that comprise it work together to inject the resources needed and assist the community to remain strong until we see the better days that are sure to come.

Fuel The Supply Chain

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an odd, "trickle up" effect leading to a virtual shutdown of everyday life as we know it.

However, the operations and logistics involved in the Hooch 2 Home project inject much needed fuel into various components of the supply chain. This comes at a critical time when any and all "fuel" is welcomed with open arms to keep things moving and jobs alive.

Subsidize Service Operations

There is arguably no sector that has been dealt a blow as devastating as the service industry.

By allocating a portion of the proceeds raised to deliver community relief to individuals, Confinus is in a position to lend financial support to service operators until they are able to resume business as usual.